Saudi Ambassador: The Gulf Cooperation Council calls for a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian crisis

Today, Monday, the Saudi Ambassador to the United Nations called for a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian crisis, during the Kingdom’s speech on behalf of the United Nations Cooperation Council on war in Ukraine.

Saudi Arabia announced it had provided $ 400 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine, expressing its readiness to continue mediation efforts to free prisoners of war with Russia.

The official Saudi news agency said Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, during which he expressed the Kingdom’s readiness to continue mediation efforts and support everything that contributes to the reduction of escalation.

Zelensky added that he agreed with Prince Mohammed bin Salman to continue engaging in the prisoner-of-war release process, as well as an agreement on financial aid to Ukraine.

Interestingly, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced last month that it has brokered the transfer of ten prisoners of war as part of a prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine, and that they are citizens of Morocco, the United States, the Great Britain, Sweden and Croatia.

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