Saudi Arabia .. 10,000 flexible employment contracts to support job location

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced that the total number of contracts through the flexible work platform has exceeded ten thousand, noting that the ministry aims to reach 57,000 flexible work contracts by the end of 2022, according to Al. – Eqtisadiah Newspaper.

The Ministry explained that the flexible work system aims to support Emiratisation, offering job opportunities to the country’s sons and daughters and reducing unemployment ratesAnd by creating more job opportunities for male and female citizens with fewer working hours and more flexibility, as well as helping to meet the urgent and seasonal needs of national private sector executives.

The most heavily employed occupations were general sales, food supply vendor, technical services consultant, food service supervisor and administrative assistant, while the most important activities that benefited from the flexible working system were general construction of buildings, services logistics, engineering consultancy, retail and wholesaling and services Building maintenance, management of canteens and cafeterias, banking centers, design and programming.

The program is keen to support the private sector in meeting its emergency, temporary and seasonal needs of national cadres and the program aims to create a new type of job for job seekers and increase their chances of getting flexible work, to enable them to engage in the labor market and increase their skills and competences, in view of their transformation in permanent employees. .

The program will also work to reduce the percentage of illegal expatriate workers used by the shadow economy, while increasing the citizen participation rate along with reducing the unemployment rate.

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