Saudi Arabia 16,000 plants benefiting from the “My 360” program.

The Authority for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Saudi Arabia “Monsha’at” announced that 16,011 factories have benefited from the “My Manshatati 360” program, which provides solutions to industry challenges, through operational performance knowledge, business analysis and knowledge of performance financial.

The authority launched the program to measure the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises by measuring autonomous and global performance, with the aim of identifying their strengths and challenges, developing their capabilities and helping them to attract Investors by facilitating access to information And the financials, according to the Economist.

The program, through autonomous performance measurement, provides a report showing the challenge points of small and medium-sized businesses to help them raise the performance level of the facility and address the challenge points, while the comprehensive performance measurement works on the evaluation and analysis of the budget statements of small and medium-sized enterprises and, based on the evaluation results, the structure obtains a complete report from “Monsha’at” and presents the most important programs, initiatives and financing solutions offered by “Monsha ‘at “and support organizations.

The “My Project 360” program allows small and medium-sized enterprises to know precisely the challenges and difficulties of the sector, to work to provide them with adequate solutions and to offer a package of benefits and structures commensurate with the performance of the companies, as well as improving productivity and competitiveness in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises and to open up new markets.

My 360 program works to provide a free comprehensive assessment of facility information from reliable sources, such as the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and a statement of credit information, and any financial statements filed in the “Qawaem ”, In the form of a report that allows companies to improve their performance.

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