Saudi Arabia .. 480 cases of commercial disputes against companies in the courts of the Kingdom

The number of commercial cases received by Saudi Arabian courts against companies and institutions, since the beginning of the current year of the Hijra, has reached about 480 cases, including litigation and financial disputes, according to the newspaper Al-Iqtisadiah.

Against commercial cases and disputes have formed Small businesses account for around 60% of these problems. The Riyadh Commercial Court has acquired around 58% of these cases, with 277 cases.

According to recent statistics, the Dammam Commercial Court received 88 cases, followed by the Jeddah Commercial Court with 42 cases, followed by Medina with 28 cases, the Buraidah General Court with 14 cases and the Tabuk Region Courts with seven cases.

The number of cause received by the Jazan Court reached six, followed by the Abha region with five cause, from the courts of Arar and Sakaka with three cause each and from the courts of Najran with two cause.

The Ministry of Justice confirmed that the establishment of commercial courts would help provide greater assurance for the parties in cause and rapid resolution of trade disputes.

All the procedures foreseen by the system can be electronic, including archiving, registration, review, remote defense, exchange of memoranda, judgment and objection.

The court is competent to consider disputes that arise between merchants as a result of their original or subsidiary business and lawsuits brought against the merchant in commercial contract disputes, when the value of the original claim in the case exceeds 100,000 riyals and the Council can, if necessary, increase this value.

To this are added the disputes of the shareholders in the speculative company, the cause and violations deriving from the application of the provisions of company law, the cause and the violations deriving from the application of the provisions of the bankruptcy system, the cause and violations resulting from the application of intellectual property systems and legal actions and violations resulting from the application of other commercial systems.

It also deals with examining the cause and requests relating to the trustee, the trustee, the trustee, the appointed expert, and the like, when the dispute concerns a case within the jurisdiction of the judge, and requests for compensation for damage deriving from a case previously examined by the judge.

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