Saudi Arabia a new mechanism for shoppers to enter shopping malls

The official spokesperson of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce, Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein, confirmed that the automated health verification service in the “Tawakkalna” application will help increase engagement rates and compliance with precautionary measures to prevent Corona virus in the centers. shopping centers, shopping centers and complexes.

Al-Hussein explained, during a press conference on the developments of the Corona virus, that the consumer should scan the barcode through the “Tawakkalna” application before entering shopping malls and complexes to automatically check the immunization status.

And indicated that businesses must set the code for automatic health verification permits at entrances and assign employees to ensure that consumers scan the barcode prior to the entry process, taking into account distance commitment and placement. masks.

It specifies that all small businesses in the retail sector, such as “catering, laundries, barbers and sewing” and the like, are required to check in the usual manner by informing the employee of the facility of the state of health in the “Tawakkalna” application, as reported by the Saudi press agency “SPA”. .

It is worth noting that entry into commercial establishments in the Kingdom is limited to individuals who are fully immunized, with the exception of groups who are not required to take the vaccine, according to the “Tawakulna” question.

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