Saudi Arabia .. Adoption of the contract standard rental auto early 2022

Minister of Justice Walid bin Muhammad Al-Samaani and Minister of Transport and Logistics Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser signed a cooperation memorandum on the adoption of the contract standard rental auto as an executive constraint starting from the beginning of next year 2022 for all contracts, processes and procedures between rental offices and beneficiaries.

The signature of the collaboration protocol takes place in implementation of the resolution of the Council of Ministers to approve that the rental contract for all types of vehicles signed between its parties through the telematic portal of the Authority for public transport for the regulation of vehicle rental operations must comply with the documented contracts in test and implementation deadlines.

The unified contract will help to limit the misuse of commercial papers in the rental sector, and to reduce document falsification, in order to ensure the preservation and protection of the rights of the contracting parties, “beneficiaries and rental offices”, and in a method that guarantees the encouragement and protection of investments in the car rental sector and enhances the governance aspects, as reported by the agency. news.

The contracting parties may execute the obligations contained in the contract also for via telematics through the enforcement courts and completely for via electronic, which makes it easier for the beneficiaries to quickly submit the application and execution, and limit disputes in court arising from disputes between the parties to the contract.

This step will contribute to positive results and a strategic reflection on the bargaining and negotiation mechanisms between the beneficiary parties in this vital sector. The advantages of the contract standard will support all bargaining operations through the lease service on the Naql electronic portal, Tajeer, the most important of which is the issuance of leasing contracts A unified electronic system with comprehensive requirements and legal clauses , as well as the issuance of contracts through authorized structures and regular vehicles, non-leasing without the legal insurance coverage of the vehicle and the periodic technical inspection of the vehicle through the connection with the competent government bodies according to the technical integration provided by the “Naqul” portal .

Interestingly, the Ministry of Justice, in coordination with the authorities concerned, is working to broaden the application of “preventive justice” through standardized contracts with legal validity and executive qualification, without the need to submit the dispute to the judiciary.

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