Saudi Arabia aims for 6th place worldwide in road quality by 2030

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics, through its National Strategy of Transport and Logistics, aims to reach the sixth place worldwide in the quality of roads by 2030.

In 2016, the Kingdom reached 37th place in the world In 2018 it reached the 30th place in the worldAnd it continued its progress in 2019 as well, ranking 26th globally, confirming the accelerated steps to improve the road network in the Kingdom, which is the first in the world in its interconnection according to the Global Competitiveness Forum.

The Ministry seeks, through a series of ambitious projects and initiatives, to reach sixth place worldwide in road quality, which contributes to improving the quality of life in cities by providing safe and high quality roads.

Interestingly, the ministry has implemented a number of safety initiatives that have helped reduce the accident rate to 56%, the death toll by 51% and the total injuries by 30%, which has helped to provide a economic return to the community of 8.5 billion riyals, and the ministry will continue its efforts with the relevant authorities to minimize the ratio of accidents, deaths and injuries, similar to the best international experiences.

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