Saudi Arabia: Air navigation in the Kingdom is safe from interference from the 5G network

Today, Thursday, the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority said air navigation in the Kingdom is safe from interference with fifth generation networks.

This came after the leaders of major American airlines warned of catastrophic disruptions in the transportation and shipping sectors. in case of operation of the fifth generation networks, as scheduled, without setting controls for the transmitting stations located near the airports of the United States.

Verizon and AT&T have twice postponed the launch of the new 5G C-Band service due to warnings from airlines and aircraft manufacturers concerned that the new communications system could interfere with devices used by aircraft to measure altimeters.

On Monday, US lawmakers advocated postponing the deployment of 5G networks near airports.

Airlines in India, Japan and the United Arab Emirates canceled their flights to American destinations on Wednesday after a plan to operate fifth-generation “5G” networks, but Emirates Airlines announced that it would fully resume its flights to destinations in the United States. they will be by next Saturday.

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