Saudi Arabia and Iraq sign an agreement on maritime transport between the two countries

Saudi Arabia and Iraq have signed a maritime transport agreement between the two countries, which aims to increase the traffic of commercial ships between the two countries.

The Saudi-Iraqi agreement supports trade and facilitates access procedures to ports.

This is what emerged during a meeting of the Transport Committee, Frontier Ports and Ports of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council, today in Riyadh, chaired by the Minister of Transport and Logistics, on the Saudi side, the engineer Saleh bin Nasser Al -Jasser, and by Transport Minister Nasser Al-Shibli from the Iraqi side.

During the meeting, the two sides agreed to increase the volume of trade through the port of Jdeidet Arar by facilitating procedures and accelerating the movement of trade in the port in so that the handling process does not exceed four hours per container, provided that periodic reports are submitted to it for measurement and improvement.

It was also agreed to rehabilitate and prepare the new port of Arar on the Saudi and Iraqi side through the implementation of the road widening project connecting the port and the Saudi border.

At the level of maritime and port transport, the cooperation agreement between the Saudi and Iraqi governments in the maritime transport sector was discussed, and it was decided to sign the agreement as soon as the internal procedures were completed.

The two sides also agreed to approve the members of the Technical Committee for Maritime Transport in the two countries, on the condition that the first meeting of the committee is held during the last quarter of 2021 AD to discuss the implementation mechanism of the cooperation agreement. in the maritime transport sector and discuss the most important issues related to strengthening the role of ports and promoting the shipping line between the King Abdulaziz port of Dammam and the port of Umm Qasr in Iraq, the exchange of experiences in the fields of automation and port management and also discussed the creation of an electronic link between the ports of the Kingdom and Iraq for the exchange of information on ships and goods.

Regarding air transport, the two sides agreed to activate the air transport agreement for its entry in vigor and to discuss the continuation of technical cooperation between the two countries, in particularly in the air transport, aviation security, aviation and airport security sectors.

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