Saudi Arabia Condemns Israeli Occupation’s Inhumane Targeting of Innocent Civilians in Gaza

The condemnation of the Israeli occupation forces’ inhumane targeting in the Jabalia camp

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strongly condemns the inhumane targeting carried out by the Israeli occupation forces in the besieged Gaza Strip, specifically in the Jabalia camp. This act has resulted in the death and injury of numerous innocent civilians. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement, expresses its utter condemnation and complete rejection of the actions taken by the occupation forces.

A violation of international laws and humanitarian principles

The Israeli government continues to target heavily populated areas with civilians, disregarding international laws and humanitarian principles. Despite the United Nations General Assembly resolution issued just last Friday (October 27, 2023 AD), endorsed by the international community, the occupation government remains non-compliant. The failure to exert sufficient pressure on the occupation government to agree to an immediate ceasefire and a humanitarian truce is exacerbating this dire situation.

HAS call for urgent action

The Kingdom stands firm in affirming that the ongoing escalation, resulting in perilous humanitarian conditions, can never be justified. Prioritizing the protection of civilian lives, preserving bloodshed, and halting military operations are urgently imperative. There can be no room for delay or obstruction in these measures. Failure to promptly adhere to these demands will undoubtedly lead to a catastrophic humanitarian crisis for which both the Israeli occupation and the international community must be held responsible.

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