Saudi Arabia delivers the prime 32 licenses for logistics services to international and local companies

The President of the Saudi Public Transport Authority, Rumaih Al-Rumaih, handed over the prime 32 licenses for logistics services to some international and local companies of medium and small private sector companies investing in the logistics services sector in the Kingdom.

The Public Transport Authority confirmed that the logistic services business license includes all logistic services business, as they have been merged in a single activity with the aim of facilitating and facilitating procedures for investors and accelerating the pace of completion with easy steps (transport).

The license, issued the day before yesterday, will allow land, air and sea transport intermediaries to undertake the business and will also help attract the world’s leading specialized investments in the logistics sector, raising the level of competition in the sector and enhancing shipping. options for beneficiaries Will support the Kingdom’s presence and advancement to the top 10 countries in the world in the Global Logistics Performance Index.

The Minister of Transport and Logistics Services, Saleh Al-Jasser, said the transport and logistics system operates according to a high-level methodology to climb the Kingdom’s ranking of the top 10 countries in the logistics performance index by 2030 and develop more than 60 regions to support the Kingdom’s export strategy, develop e-commerce economies, increase the sector’s contribution to the domestic product and achieve sustainable development, indicating that the logistics license will expand investment opportunities by providing modern regulatory frameworks and strengthening partnerships with the private sector by providing models for business modern and inspiring.

Al-Jasser added: “We look forward to the logistics license becoming a gateway for international companies in the Saudi logistics sector and taking advantage of the broad and diverse investment opportunities. in various service fields “, as reported by Saudi newspapers.

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