Saudi Arabia is second globally in the “Trust” index in Government “.

When Joe Biden moved to the White House, one of his administration’s toughest tasks has always been to nurture trust in the United States government and heal social divides.

Coupled with distrust within the government, the US is more divided than ever and a new poll found that only 39% of the US government trusted the government at the end of 2021. in decrease of 3 percentage points compared to 2020.

The results come from Edelman Research’s latest confidence scale, which surveyed 36,000 people in 28 countries on their trust in various institutions in November 2021, according to “Statista” and reviewed by Al

Saudi Arabia took first place in the ranking, in how much second in the world, after the confidence index in the performance of the government increased by 7 percentage points.

The United States is far inferior to many other countries, with a confidence in the government in Canada and Australia by 53% and 52% respectively.

Some of the highest levels of trust in government have been observed in Asia, with 91% of Chinese respondents saying they trust it, along with 87% of respondents in Saudi Arabia is 74% in India.

Argentina has arrived in bottom of the list, with only 22% of respondents saying they trust their government.

confidence index
confidence index

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