Saudi Arabia launches second version of ‘Tawteen’ program to provide 170,000 jobs

The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, launched the “Tawteen” program to improve the effectiveness of government agencies in increasing employment rates.

The program contributes to attracting the required national cadres in qualitative, technical and technical professions, through 3 main program tracks: Governance, Goal Setting and Knowledge Transfer.

Al-Rajhi has indicated that he will continue to work with all supervisory authorities in the “Resettlement” program, which includes 6 ministries (trade, tourism, transport and logistics, health, municipal and rural affairs and housing, industry and mineral wealth).

He explained that the supervisory authorities have been chosen in based on their high willingness to handle the Emiratization dossier and to supervise about 70% of workers in private sector activities.

Al-Rajhi underlined the beginning of the transfer of Emiratisation tasks to the supervisory authorities, through the Emiratisation File Management Program, and committees have been formed in all participating supervisory authorities, indicating that the ministry is working on a number of programs and initiatives to support and strengthen the supervisory authority and develop human capital, including the Foresight Unit initiative Supply and demand, job creation index jobs, skills acceleration initiative and training vouchers.

Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Development for the Labor Sector, Abdullah bin Nasser Abu Thaneen, said the Saudization program, since its inception, has included issuing 39 decisions to locate a range of businesses and occupations and regional settlement decisions, as well as statistics that the number of Saudi workers has reached more than 2.2 million in the sector. The private sector as a historical figure in the Saudi labor market and the contribution of the Tawteen program to the creation of many job opportunities for Saudi men and women in the private sector, in specific and specialized professions e in various sectors, which have contributed to the high participation rate of the Saudi workforce at 52%.

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