Saudi Arabia lifted travel suspension for citizens in Ethiopia, Turkey, Vietnam and India

An official source from the Saudi Interior Ministry stated that, based on the follow-up given to the epidemiological situation of the Corona virus pandemic and what was presented by the competent health authorities in on the global epidemiological situation; It was decided to lift the suspension of travel by direct or indirect citizens to the Democratic Federal Republic of Ethiopia and the Republic of Turkey.

The lifting of the travel suspension included the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Republic of India.

On June 13, 2022, Saudi Arabia announced the lifting of precautionary and preventive measures related to the fight against the Corona pandemic.

The abolition of the procedures provided for the non-obligation to wear a muzzle in closed places, with the exception of the Great Mosque, the Prophet’s Mosque and places for which protocols are issued by the Public Health Authority “Prevention”, or structures, activities, events, events and public transport that wish to apply higher levels of protection high in the period, continuing the obligation to wear a mask to access it, continuing to raise awareness and encourage its use.

It was decided not to require vaccination and health check in the application of (Tawakkalna) to access establishments, activities, events, events, on board aircraft and public transport, except those whose nature requires the ‘immunization obligation, or to continue to verify the state of health according to the general health conditions “Prevention” or structures, activities, events, events and means of transport that wish to implement higher levels of protection while continuing to request immunization or the health check to access it.

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