Saudi Arabia offers job opportunities during the Hajj season through the “Ajir” platform.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, in collaboration with the Emirate of Mecca Al-Mukarramah region has enabled Saudis and residents who wish to work during the Hajj season within the holy places to obtain a work permit (Hajj Ajeer) through the Ajeer platform.

Through this service, the Ministry allows factories operating during the Hajj season to issue permits for their workers in the holy places and to temporarily hire Saudis and expatriates to cover their labor needs during the season.

The ministry said the platform’s “virtual job market” allows establishments – authorized to work during the Hajj season – to view vacant job opportunities during the season through an electronic platform, and the platform also allows those looking for work to review these opportunities and apply for suitable employment opportunities, the Saudi news agency reported.

It is noteworthy that “Ajir” seeks to improve flexibility and mobility regarding the workforce in the Saudi market in order to meet the needs of the establishments, increase the productivity and effectiveness of the workforce in the market, provide flexible solutions for entrepreneurs, transfer knowledge within the Saudi labor market, as well as reduce dependence on outside hiring.

Establishments and individuals can benefit from the “Ajeer Hajj” service electronically in easy way via the following link (

This is part of the ministry’s efforts to organize work during the Hajj season and facilitate the establishments and workers participating in it, which would increase the level of services provided to pilgrims and improve their experience during the blessed season.

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