Saudi Arabia … the volume of investments in manufacturing industries exceeds 15 billion riyals

The Saudi Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources said that the volume of investment in the manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia exceeded 15 billion Saudi riyals by the end of September last year, which constitutes 1.13% of the total volume of investments in the industrial sector.

The report from the National Center for Industrial and Mining Information indicated that the number of factories specializing in manufacturing industries in the Kingdom has reached 230 factories.

The center said these factories specializing in manufacturing industries help provide nearly 10,000 jobs in various technical, mechanical and supervisory sectors, of which national executives account for 27%, while the manufacturing industry is an activity based on the processing of materials prime extracted from nature and animal agricultural and plant materials and transform them in another form.

He pointed out that the Kingdom’s manufacturing industries encompass a wide range of products, including jewelry, tools and devices for medicine, surgery, dentistry and veterinary medicine, contact lenses, fiber optic packages, as well as bicycles, toys, swings, platforms. of shooting games and many products used in daily life, or involved in the manufacturing process of many products of interest.

According to the report, the number of factories specializing in the production of ornaments and jewelry and their parts in precious metals or ordinary metals covered with a crust of precious metals, constituted the largest percentage of factories specialized in manufacturing industries at the end of last September, followed by the manufacture of some packaged products, such as: tailored suits, and then medical instruments and devices .

The report stated that the export volume for manufacturing activity exceeds 436 million riyals, drawing attention to the main recipient countries of the Kingdom’s manufacturing industries, namely USA, Belgium, Sudan, United Arab Emirates. , Kuwait, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Bahrain, as they are in top of the list of manufactured products that are exported outside the Kingdom gold bars, set of clothing, in especially those used for surgical operations and toothbrushes.

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