Saudi Arabia .. Work begins on standard license for electronic real estate platforms

The General Real Estate Authority has announced the entry in force of the “rules for the authorization and classification of electronic real estate platforms” and “controls of real estate advertisements”, and their entry in force from today, and aims to reduce advertisements false relating to the real estate sector in in order to improve their reliability and increase the level of credibility of authorized electronic real estate platforms.

The standard for the licensing and categorization of electronic real estate platforms and controls for real estate listings will contribute to the governance of the assets of real estate institutions, increasing the reliability of their treatment, preserving the rights of clients and improving the quality of services provided in the real estate sector , according to a system that governs the electronic real estate marketing process.

The authority stressed the importance of commitment Real estate advertising checks that the advertiser is a Saudi citizen, or a legal person authorized to carry out business in the Kingdom, and that the advertiser is the owner of the property or an authorized person, with the addition of the advertiser’s numbers and the authorization issued by the authority in the advertisements real estate.

Interestingly, the authority has launched “Aqari” electronic services to provide real estate property registration services, real estate platform licensing, real estate advertiser services, licensing services for individuals and other services such as: classified real estate property surveys, advertisers real estate, or by raising objections to the violation of advertisements through the authority’s website, and real estate platforms and individuals wishing to practice real estate advertisements can apply for the license through the electronic platform , and can also be licensed electronically through the platform.

The General Real Estate Authority had held 35 workshops with electronic real estate platforms, in which detailed the procedures for obtaining the license from the Authority for electronic real estate platforms.

Interestingly, controls fall within the role of the General Real Estate Authority in regulating the real estate business, while preserving the rights of traders in it, strengthening the governance of the sector, its efficiency and sustainability, raising its level of transparency and serving its partners, and in implementation of the global strategic plan for the real estate sector; Making the Kingdom real estate sector vibrant and attractive, characterized by trust and innovation.

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