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Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior to Participate in IDEX 2023 in Abu Dhabi (Photo)

Saudi Deputy Home Minister for Security Capabilities Adel bin Abdulaziz Al Yousef opened the Ministry of Home Affairs pavilion participating in the IDEX 2023 International Defense Exhibition in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

Saudi Arabia Pavilion will participate in the exhibition from February 20th to 24th at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, in Hall No. (10) of the Saudi Arabia Pavilion, with the participation of major Saudi national institutions and companies specializing in the field military, defense and security industries.

The Saudi Press Agency SPA said that the participation of the Ministry of the Interior in the exhibition is a confirmation of the boundless support and special care for the military and security sectors of the Kingdom in the Kingdom in order to realize its wise and ambitious vision of strengthening the strategic independence of the Kingdom and developing its national military-industrial capacity, as well as the desire to localize this promising sector with more than 50% of spending on military equipment and services by 2030, so that this sector becomes an important tributary for the Saudi economy, through technology transfer, support for a local investor, employment opportunities for sons and daughters country and maximize its contribution to the national economy.

Source: “SPA”


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