Saudi Astronaut Ali Al-Karni Posts Adorable Photo of Capital Riyadh from the International Space Station

Saudi Astronaut Ali Al-Karni Shares Adorable Photo of Riyadh from Space

Saudi astronaut Ali Al-Karni posted an adorable photo of the capital Riyadh taken from the International Space Station, sparking interest.

Riyadh at Night

Al-Qarni published a photo of Riyadh at night, commenting on it with the words: “The face of Riyadh appeared to me in the mirrors of the clouds … God bless you, O people of Riyadh!”

β€œThis is a photo we took from the Capital International Space Station,” he added.

Social Media Response

While social media pioneers shared the image widely, expressing their love and pride for the Saudi capital and wishing Al-Qarni well in his duties.

My father’s house, my brother’s house and my grandfather’s house
Lynn has become expensive, she is my capital πŸ’šWe find Al-Atiyah

– Atba Bint Turki (@ll3atb) May 29, 2023

We wish you success brother Ali and sister Ryan.
You are the pride of the country.
God bless you and have a safe return 🌹🌹

β€” Abu Yasser (@HassanDahman222) May 29, 2023

Oh what insomnia in Riyadh πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¦#to space

β€” Fahad bin Khalid Al-Khereiji (@FahadAlkhereiji) May 28, 2023


Source: RT

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