“Saudi banks” .. Warning of the threat of closing the account after the publication of a “phishing call”

The Banking Information and Awareness Committee in Saudi banks has warned of fraudulent calls coming to bank customers warning them not to block the account, and the committee posted on Twitter a real call between a scammer and a customer.

Under a false name and impersonation of an employee, the scammer claimed to work at Riyad Bank and wanted the customer’s personal data to prevent the account from being blocked, while the customer refused to provide any information to the scammer.

The Committee for i media and the outreach said that if you get a call from a scammer informing you that your account will be closed, ignore the call and report the fraud.

The committee warns of several other scams, including fake free flights, which is one of the scammers’ most famous tricks to steal customer data, and claims that the customer has won a free trip and records his data.

The committee said that if someone claims to be from the bank and asks for your account details or card numbers, do not share any data with them and immediately notify the bank via the number on the back of the bank card.

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