“Saudi Blue” .. on the sidelines of the UN Ocean Conference in Portugal

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today opened the doors of its “Saudi Blue” pavilion, on the sidelines of the United Nations 2022 World Oceans Conference – co-organized by the governments of Portugal and Kenya, in Lisbon from June 27 to July 1 under the slogan: Extend the reach of action in the oceans based on science and innovation to implement Goal 14: evaluation, partnership and solutions.

The Kingdom gives priority and great attention to the Red Sea, plays a leading role in the conservation of nature, its unique and thriving habitats and ecosystems, and works to provide all the capabilities and efforts to protect, renew and contribute to it better and translate this. knowledge in reality and positive steps.

The Kingdom previously announced several important commitments as part of its broad ambitions to improve its sustainability, including increasing the percentage of marine protected areas to 30%, as well as announcing the initiative to plant 100 million mangroves by 2030. .

These goals align well with Saudi Vision 2030 and with the economic and social development plan. This strategy is designed to harness and showcase the Kingdom’s greatest strengths, build on its pioneering role in the heart of the Arab and Islamic world, and help create a more sustainable economy by forging new, stronger trade and cultural exchanges with the world.

The second such summit, at the United Nations Ocean Conference, aims to inspire the world to rebuild marine life, with a focus on the critical role the ocean plays in stabilizing climate systems.

The CEO of the National Center for Wildlife Development, Dr Muhammad Qurban, explained that our participation in this world-class conference demonstrates our commitment not only to participate in the dialogues and discussions taking place on the sidelines of the conference, but also to share lessons learned about the our coasts and oceans, noting that the aim is to play a coherent role, bringing together the countries adjacent to these waters, to ensure the development of a comprehensive approach to the protection of the Red Sea.

And Qurban indicated that the Kingdom hopes to eventually export discovered scientific knowledge and the successful application of innovative solutions, with the rest of the world, as we all come together to address some of the greatest challenges facing people and the planet. today.

Tonight, the Saudi Blue Pavilion will host an event on the role of science and innovation in enabling the regenerative development of the Red Sea and how targeted partnerships and cooperation, along with wise leadership, drive positive action in the marine environment. To register and participate in the event, visit: www.bluesaudi.com.