Saudi courts .. 8.6 billion riyal of commercial enforcement requests within one month

According to the newspaper Al-Eqtisadiah, the value of commercial paper enforcement requests initiated by the courts in Saudi Arabia amounted to about 8.6 billion riyals, to implement 74,917 requests, within one month of the start of the year in course of the Hegira.

According to data released by the Ministry of Justice, “order forms” accounted for 44% of these cases, with about 33,000.

The Mecca region acquired The highest percentage of order value was around 47.7%, in how much its value has reached About 4.1 billion riyals, for a number of 20157 requests, followed by the Riyadh region in second place, with about 2.82 billion riyals to process around 24,484 requests.

The courts of the eastern region came in third place to collect sums of 689.1 thousand riyals to implement 10,668 requests, then the Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah region with 287.9 ​​million riyals and 4,145 requests for execution.

The value of the requests received by the Qassim region was 244.2 million riyals, for 2,175 requests, followed by Asir with a value of 135.2 million riyals to implement 3384 requests, followed by the Jazan region with a value of 90.9 million riyals and the number of 3,320 requests.

Execution courts reviewed the Hail region to recover approximately 47 million riyals to implement 1,187 requests, followed by the Najran region collecting 103.3 million riyals to implement 2,428 requests.

The northern border region courts were the last of the courts, collecting 22.3 million riyals to satisfy 800 requests.

The number of beneficiaries of the Najez application services exceeded 1.2 million beneficiaries during the last year, while the most used services in the last year included the request for approximately 345 thousand cases, my requests 196 thousand, my 191 thousand files and my appointment service 156 thousand, and the detailed examination of the case 98 thousand, including presentation of judgments and control of the sessions, examination of implementation requests 86 thousand, investigations on agencies 53 thousand, in addition to those on contracts 51 thousand matrimonial.

The Najiz application includes more than 40 judicial services, the most important of which are the case service to inquire about cases and procedures on the case, real estate service and agencies, services for the verification of a judicial license and the validity of a marriage certificate , verification of a real estate deed, verification of an agency, investigation of judicial licenses and investigation of marriage contracts, as well as forensic communication and appointment services.

The launch of the Najiz application took place in agreement with the plan of the Ministry of Justice towards digital transformation and expansion of all its electronic services, through the best technical solutions with the latest capabilities, away from paper transactions.

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