Saudi crown prince announces launch of strategic offices to develop Al-Baha, Al-Jawf and Jazan

Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Council for Economic and Development Affairs, announced the launch of strategic development offices for the regions of Al-Baha, Al-Jawf and Jazan, which they will be the nucleus for the establishment of development agencies in future, with the aim of maximizing the benefit of the comparative and competitive advantages of each of the three regions As well as developing the investment environment to be attractive areas for investment in collaboration with the private sector.

The announcement of the strategic offices in the three regions is part of the crown prince’s interest and enthusiasm for Global development affects all regions and cities of the Kingdom For the benefit of all citizens, and creating a prosperous economy and a vibrant society for an ambitious nation, where he emphasized that the work is based on the creation of strategic offices in areas where there are no development agencies or strategic offices, with the aim of developing all the regions of the Kingdom without exception.

These strategic offices will aim to pay attention to all components of development in those regions, focusing on the investment of the development components that each region has in order to derive the maximum benefit and transform them in elements of support to the economy, in addition to the strategic components offices in the three regions that carry out development, coordination and follow-up with all government agencies, to stimulate and involve the private sector in the development of its territorial components.

The launch of the strategic development offices of the three regions is part of the crown prince’s vision of achieving global and sustainable development in all regions of the Kingdom by maximizing the use of the comparative advantages of each region, expanding the provision of employment opportunities for people from all regions of the Kingdom, as well as raising the quality of life and improving basic services and infrastructure in all regions and cities of the Kingdom.

The importance of the Al-Baha region is highlighted as one of the most important tourist areas in the Kingdom, in as it includes a large number of forests. Al-Baha is famous for Raghadan Forest, Al-Qam ‘Park and Al-Shukran Park, as well as the ancient village of Dhi Ain, and many villages and fortresses.

As for the Al-Jawf region, which is characterized as the oldest area of settlement in the Arabian Peninsula; Its existence historically dates back to the Paleolithic, and is also considered one of the most fertile agricultural areas of the Kingdom, it is located in a simple center, which is the “panestro of the Kingdom”, and is characterized by its mild climate in summer and an abundance of fresh groundwater in it.The region of Al-Jouf is also famous for the cultivation of olive trees.It produces about (67%) of the local olive oil production in the Kingdom.

The Jazan region has many economic advantages in the logistics, agricultural and heritage sectors.It includes the port of Jazan which is the Kingdom’s third port on the Red Sea coast in terms of capacity. It is also characterized by its environmental characteristics and climatic diversity, and is the main gateway to the Farasan Islands. Antiquities dating back to (8000) BC, and is one of the most important agricultural areas of the Kingdom, in what is characterized by the diversity of its agricultural crops.

Interestingly, the crown prince’s announcement of the strategic development offices reflects his will to achieve inclusion in development, and after announcing the development strategy of the Asir region with the slogan “Peace and Shem”, which aims to achieve a global development renaissance for the region.

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