Saudi Crown Prince inaugurates “Oxagon” city in “NEOM” … the largest floating industrial gathering in the world

Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and chairman of the NEOM board of directors announced the establishment of the NEOM industrial city “Oxagon”, which is another step within the NEOM master plan and aims to provide a new model for future production centers in compliance with NEOM’s strategy to redefine the way in to live and process humanity in the future.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman said the industrial city “Oxagon” It will be a catalyst for economic growth and diversification in NEOM In particular, and the Kingdom in general, which meets our ambitions to achieve the Vision 2030 goals.

He added that NEOM Industrial City will help redefine the world’s orientation towards industrial development in future, along with its contribution to protecting the environment, creating new job opportunities and achieving growth. Oxagon will also participate in the Kingdom’s support in the field of trade, as well as supporting global trade flows in the region.

He said: “I am happy to see that development and business has already started on the land of the industrial city and I am looking forward to its rapid expansion,” according to the Saudi news agency, “SPA”.

For his part, the CEO of NEOM, Ing. Nazmi Al-Nasr, said that the world will witness, through “Oxagon”, a radical transformation in its vision of production centers, and what encourages us most is the enthusiasm of a number of partners who expressed their desire to start their projects in “Oxagon”. of The Line, Oxagon will work to complete the stages of the project to be a comprehensive cognitive and knowledge city that offers an exceptional life to its residents.

Oxagon will occupy a large area in the southwest corner of NEOM. The central urban environment is centered around an integrated port and logistics center that will house the majority of the industrial city’s population. The design The city’s unique octagonal structure minimizes any environmental impact while providing the best possible use of the land. To support NEOM’s approach to preserving 95% of the natural environment, the city is also the largest floating structure in the world and is a center for NEOM’s “blue economy” development by relying on the seas to achieve development. sustainable, which reflects NEOM’s focus on creative and innovative development.

Saudi Crown Prince inaugurates “Oxagon” city in “NEOM” … the largest floating industrial gathering in the world
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NEOM Industrial City “Oxagon” will be based on the same philosophy and concepts as the “The Line” communities launched in January 2021, in what it will provide an exceptional chance to live in harmony with nature, through an ideal location on the Red Sea near the Suez Canal, through which approximately 13% of world trade, the city will be one of the most technologically advanced logistics centers in the world with an integrated port and airport link to the vanguard.

Through the industrial city “Oxagon”, NEOM will present the world’s first integrated supply chain and port ecosystem in which the operation of port, logistics and rail delivery facilities will be standardized, providing levels of overall productivity with zero carbon emissions and integrated physical and digital supply, the chain and logistics will enable safe and punctual deliveries, ensuring efficiency and cost effectiveness for industry partners.

Oxagon Industrial City will rely on the most advanced technologies such as: Internet of Things (IoT), human-machine interaction, artificial intelligence and predictability and robotics, all combined with a network of fully automated and independent distribution centers serving NEOM’s ambitions to create an integrated, intelligent and effective supply chain.

The industrial city of NEOM will be a center for clean and advanced industries, where net emissions will be equal to zero”.net zeroWorking with 100% clean energy, it will become a focal point for industry leaders who want to drive change to create advanced and clean factories in future.

At the same time, the industrial development of the city is based on seven sectors, with a continuous focus on innovation and new technologies that create a vital basis for these industries.These industries focus on sustainable energy, independent mobility, innovation of water solutions , sustainable food production, health and wellness, digital technology and manufacturing (including communications, space technology and robotics), modern construction methods; They are all powered by 100% renewable energy.

Many of The Line’s features that provide exceptional livability in the urban landscape will be reflected in the industrial city, where exceptional luxury is embodied by designing communities and empowering them to walk, or mobility by relying on environmentally friendly hydrogen energy as a biofuel. powering transportation and transportation systems Build sustainable industry around communities to reduce commuting times and provide exceptional life by seamlessly integrating nature into the urban environment.

The industrial city also aims to create a true circular economy with a collaborative environment based on research and innovation. The city will embrace the education, research and innovation (ERI) ecosystem to compete with existing global centers. The industrial city is also developing in a distinctive way, with projects for large manufacturing facilities, including the largest green hydrogen project in the world. Scientist including Air Products, ACWA Power and NEOM in a joint venture three-way; In addition to the largest and most advanced modular construction facility in the world with Gulf Modular International, as well as the largest hyperscale data center in the region, a joint venture between NEOM and FAS Energy.

With the best standard regulatory and broad support, the industrial city is set to grow rapidly to welcome industrialists, investors and entrepreneurs in early 2022.

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