Saudi Crown Prince Launches “Human Capability Development” Program

Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Chair of the Human Capability Development Program Committee, launched the Human Capability Development Program, one of the programs to realize the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which represents a national strategy aimed at improving competitiveness. National human capabilities locally and globally, taking advantage of the promising opportunities that arise On renewable needs e in acceleration.

The crown prince said, according to the Saudi news agency, that “the human capacity development program represents one of the programs to realize the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and a national strategy aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of national human capacities at the local level. and global, in so that the citizen is ready for the current and future labor market with skills and ambitions that compete with the world, strengthening values, developing basic skills and future and developing knowledge.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman said: “Thanks to my confidence in the abilities of every citizen, this program has been developed to meet the needs and aspirations of all segments of society, developing the path of human capacity development, starting with stage of infancy, passing through universities, colleges, technical and vocational institutes, and reaching the labor market, with the aim of preparing An ambitious citizen who possesses the skills and knowledge, and keeps pace with the renewable changes of the market of work, which contributes to building a solid economy based on skills and knowledge and based on human capital.

Saudi Crown Prince Launches “Human Capability Development” Program

Launch of a human capacity development program in Saudi Arabia

He explained that the program plan “includes 89 initiatives with the goal of achieving 16 strategic goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The program strategy includes three main pillars: developing a solid and flexible educational foundation for all, preparing for the future market. of work locally and globally and offering lifelong learning opportunities “.

The program initiatives spread across the three pillars include the initiative to promote the expansion of daycare centers, which will contribute to the development of children’s skills from an early age, as well as the development of their personal skills, and the guidance and counseling initiative career for students to enter the job market, which aims to enable students to determine their career orientations by providing them with knowledge and skills to draw up their own personal development plan, which will have an impact on preparing for the future job market at local and global level, as well as a range of initiatives aimed at developing and qualifying skills by helping to provide lifelong learning opportunities to increase employment rates for citizens and empower innovators and entrepreneurs to build a citizen who possesses the skills and the skills needed for the job market current and future locally and globally.

The human capacity development program focuses on human capacity preparation and rehabilitation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, development of human capacity development system from early childhood to lifelong learning, development of educational outcomes to align them with the needs of the current and future labor market and locating highly skilled jobs through the rehabilitation and training of citizens. In addition to greater activation of the partnership with the private and non-profit sectors, where the program seeks in these aspects of achieving various objectives, including increasing the chances of enrollment in asylum from 23% to 90% and the inclusion of two Saudi universities among the prime 100 universities in the world by 2030, which will improve the Kingdom’s position in the world.

The strategy of the Human Capability Development Program reflects the government’s enthusiasm of the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to prepare citizens through several strategic axes, the most important of which are: to develop a passion for knowledge and pride in values, success in work, leadership and competition at local and global level and continuous development of skills and development skills.

The program, through its initiatives, promotes the development of skills future, including 21st century skills, such as creative thinking and data analysis skills, as well as the development of social and emotional skills, which improves citizens’ competitiveness and meets the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It is worth noting that the Human Capacity Development Program initiatives offer many opportunities that open doors for building competitive national skills based on a solid educational foundation and contribute to the promotion of purposeful values ​​from an early age, such as values ​​of moderation and tolerance, determination and perseverance, discipline and mastery, in order to achieve the values ​​of global citizenship, improves the competitiveness and skills of the Saudi citizen.

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