Saudi digital government begins to implement site governance web

The Saudi Digital Government Authority has invited all government agencies to register their existing digital platforms and websites through the authority’s website within 90 days, with the aim of regulating the work of the digital government, improve the beneficiary experience , ensure quality, maximize the benefit of existing resources and investment efficiency, as well as integration between government agencies.

On June 30, the authority announced the start of governance for the creation of digital platforms and new government websites, as well as the collection of applications and registration of platforms through the authority’s website.

The Authority also announced the start of the activation of the governance of the governing domains and the initial suspension of 106 inactive domains, as part of the ramifications (.SA .GOV.SA, .ORG.SA, .EDU.SA) .

The Authority will gradually suspend inactive or in violation of the rules enacted, with a specific deadline for government agencies to respond and object, before the domains are permanently closed.

This aims to regulate government domains on the Internet, ensure the integrity of record domain, preserve the rights of registered entities and link them to government agency platforms and websites, facilitating the organization of digital government work and facilitating procedures and ease of access.

The governor of the Digital Government Authority, Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Suwayan, explained that the authority seeks, through the enactment of a series of regulations and their application of the governance of the platforms and sites web digital governance, to regulate the work of digital governance and help improve the regulatory and investment environment to achieve proactive digital initiative and governance in able to provide reliable and highly efficient digital services., to help meet the needs of beneficiaries in all security and reliability, underlining that the authority will analyze and study the platforms, applications and sites web existing upon registration of the same in compliance with the provisions issued for the governance of platforms and the regulatory framework for the work of digital governance.

The authority is the competent authority in everything related to the work of digital government and its regulation and seeks to achieve integration in the field of digital government between all government agencies and to help improve the investment environment in the field of digital technology by investing existing resources and improving operational efficiency.

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