Saudi energy minister: the exhaustion of energy production capacities is a reality and the world must work together

In statements today, Tuesday, on the sidelines of the World Utilities Conference held in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Minister of Energy, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, today expressed his concern about the existing energy system, saying that the world needs to work collectively and responsibly.

The Saudi Minister of Energy stressed that the world must pay attention to an existing reality represented by the exhaustion of energy production capacities at all levels.

He asked: “Why is the focus on high oil prices and not on gasoline or diesel or anything else?”

Interestingly, the World Utilities Conference provides an exceptional platform for players in the energy and water sectors in around the world, to discuss trends, technologies and innovations that will affect future levels of demand for water supplies and energy sources globally, in through a large international presence of industry leaders and experts.

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