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Saudi green and an omen of Doha Qatar!

On Qatar soil, the Saudis won the 1988 Asian Cup over Korea’s Al-Shamson, and captain Saleh Al-Naima lifted the championship cup for the second consecutive time after lifting it in Singapore in 1984, then the Saudis are back in Doha again in Qatar to qualify for the 1994 World Cup for the first time in America, after the companions of Sami Al-Jaber distinguished themselves in the final qualifiers, which ended with a large victory, when it rained four goals against the very strong Iranian team at a time, it was opened by Al-Jaber, the Arab top scorer of the World Cup. Doha has also been a good omen for Saudi Al Hilal several times, the latest in the opening of the “Lusail” stadium in front of the Egyptian Zamalek on 9 September, when he won the Super Lusail Cup. In these and other finals, 12 Hilal players have been selected, most of whom are the main pillars of the French team, Renard, and are considered the most distinguished Saudi players in the eyes of many sports critics outside and inside Saudi Arabia. Hence, Doha has been a good omen for the Saudis, and they are still optimistic when they see their team playing on its soil. There are other factors that supported the Saudi national team during the Doha matches, the most important of which is the support of the public from Saudi Arabia or the brothers from Qatar who support the brothers as if they were encouraging their country’s team, and the players’ feel that they are playing in their own land and not in the land of a neighboring country, and the atmosphere of Qatar helps the Saudis to play With an advantage, they are used to playing in this atmosphere more than their counterparts in the other teams in the group. Al-Akhdar’s task this time will be different depending on the size of the tournament, the difficulty of the competitors, and above all the low participation of his players with their own club in light of the high number of foreign players in Saudi League and the decrease in the opportunities for participation of local players, above all in offensive line, despite what the great coach Herve Renard did, with his insistence on early preparation and attention to the physical and formative aspect of his players more than anything else. The Saudi public is concerned about the large number of injuries that Saudi players suffer: every time the public is happy with the recovery of an important player, they are surprised by another injury, the latest in the friendly against Iceland, the leader Salman Al-Faraj and his most important players in absolute, even if the news reassures them that his injury is light and will not prevent him from participating and leading the team of his country. The Saudi green hasn’t won his first game in his last five World Cup final appearances, though he lost his first in 1994 to the Netherlands in the deadly moment after being in advantage, and then lost four to France 1998, where he played incomplete from the start of the first half after his player’s contact in late Mohammed Al-Kheliwi with Thierry Henry, and did not benefit from the expulsion of Zinedine Zidane, who played recklessly against Fouad Anwar, and in 2006 the Green Falcons would have come out victorious against Tunisia were it not for the genius of Radhi Jaidi , the center of the Tunisian defense, in scoring the equalizer in the last breath of the match, and this is the best result of the green team in its opening notes for the Finali Mondiali, not to mention the tragedy of Germany 2022, with eight to free title, and the last against Russia 2018 with five also free of charge, despite the splendor of the youth level of the Hawks in the face of the old Russians and their possession of the game for most of the match. The Saudi team opens the Qatar 2022 matches by meeting one of the most important teams nominated to win the tournament, in how much he meets the Argentine team led by the football phenomenon Messi, and one of the best footballers of his era.The Argentines, coaches, players and fans, show respect for the green team and put in guard against complacency in the face of it, and stress the importance of overcoming it. The Saudi national team had already met their Argentine counterpart in 4 games, the first was a friendly in 1988 and ended in a positive draw with two goals for them, then met in the same month and in the same friendly to determine the third and fourth places. 1992 in the Saudi capital and si ended with the victory of the Tango team by three goals to one, then the last in 2012 and ended negatively with the participation of Messi. The Saudis hope their team’s results in Qatar keep pace with the sporting renaissance that Saudi Arabia is experiencing under the leadership of the crown prince, who aspires to bring the sporting level to the highest level in general in his country, after the enormous support he has provided and continues to provide.


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