Saudi industry issues 38 new mining licenses in November

The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources issued 38 new mining licenses during November, including 24 exploration licenses, 13 building materials quarry licenses and one mineral license in excess, according to the report by the ministry’s National Center for Mining and Industrial Information.

The report indicated that the number of mining licenses in force in the industry until the end of November amounted to 2201 licenses, topped by a building materials quarry license with 1371 licenses, followed by an exploration license with 589 licenses, then a mine and mine exploitation license with 172 licenses, a reconnaissance license with 36 licenses and one mineral licence in surplus with 33 licenses.

The report states that the Riyadh region has acquired the largest number of total mining licenses in force in the industry with 500 licenses, followed by the Mecca region with 408 licenses, the Eastern region with 371 licenses, the Madinah region with 236 licenses, the Asir region with 186 licenses and the Tabuk region with 139 licenses and the region of Qassim with 101 permits, the Hail region with 72 permits, the Jazan region with 69 permits, the Najran region with 47 permits, the Northern Border region with 25 permits, the Baha region with 24 permits and the Al-Jawf with 23 permits.

The Mining Investment Act and its Executive Regulations specify 6 types of mining licenses, including: a reconnaissance license, which includes all types of minerals for a two-year period that can be extended, and a license to explore all types of minerals for a period of 5 years for minerals of two categories (A) and (B) and a license for the category of minerals (c) For a period of one year, a general use license linked to a mining license or of small mines.

The system also specified the exploitation licenses, which include: a mining license for minerals of two categories (A) and (B), the license period of which does not exceed 30 years, subject to renewal or extension, and a license for a small mining of minerals of two categories (A) and (B), and the term of its license is not more than 20 years, and a building material quarry license for minerals of category (C), the term of which license is up to 10 years, subject to extension. The system also included a license for “mineral minerals in surplus in project sites or privately owned land”.

The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources seeks to protect the mining sector and maximize its value in compliance with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the National Industry Development and Logistics Program. Transform mining in so that it becomes the third pillar of national industry, and work to exploit the mineral resources of the Kingdom, which are scattered in more than 5,300 sites, and their value is estimated in about 5 trillion riyals.

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