Saudi “industry”: renewable energy consumes 6 times more minerals than conventional energy

Saudi Deputy Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Khalid Al-Mudaifer said the Kingdom aims to ensure 50% of its electricity needs from renewable energy by 2030.

He added in an interview with Al-Arabiya that renewable energy consumes minerals equivalent to 4-6 times what conventional energy consumes, and therefore minerals are vital for renewable energy.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia contains a mineral wealth of 5 trillion riyals, most of which are phosphates, but also has a large stock of copper, which is needed for renewable energy and auto electric.

He explained that theauto electricity consumes more than 3 times more copper than oneauto normal and consumes many other metals used in the production of batteries, in addition to solar and wind energy, which need a lot of minerals to build their plants.

He said the Kingdom aims to exploit its mineral resources to the maximum possible value by increasing value chains, as it did for aluminum, as it has not exported minerals, but has rather developed a value chain to increase resources from the aluminum by more than 10 times.

He pointed out that the value of mineral wealth in Saudi Arabia is currently double the announced figure of 5 trillion riyals after the recent price hike. He explained that these issues have increased the value of these minerals in the Kingdom, which makes mining of minerals a greater need for the Kingdom.

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