Saudi Minister of Industry: a plan to convert 400 factories to digital automation within 5 years

Industry and Mineral Resources Minister Bandar Al-Khorayef told Al-Arabiya that his ministry has a plan to convert 4,000 heavily dependent factories on expatriate workers to digital automation within 5 years.

In the statements on the sidelines of the activities of the Future Investment Initiative, the minister added that the advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is that it comes out of the fence of the factory, explaining: “In the past, we have focused on the equipment by talking to each other. in the same factory … Today we aim for the factory to communicate with other service providers. “and commercial markets.

Bandar Al-Khorayef stressed that this network of capabilities will help to choose priorities in the Kingdom.

The minister said the Kingdom is working to establish 5 free economic zones that serve the industrial sector, adding that these zones have a clear impact. in all the studies that have been prepared, and the Kingdom, despite its delay on this aspect, the system that has been disclosed provides a guarantee to provide economic services without damaging in any way the general economy.

Al-Khorayef continued: “There are some industrial cities planned to be built in Ras Al-Khair, which will specialize in the naval industries, as well as the industrial zone of Jazan, which will concentrate food resources.”

In previous statements, Al-Khorayef said the ministry seeks to build a stimulating industrial environment for small and medium-sized enterprises, noting that small and medium-sized factories have acquired more than 80% of total new industrial licenses since the beginning of quest’year.

Al-Khorayef stressed the importance of investing in Fourth Industrial Revolution applications, which will contribute in significantly change the shape of the industrial sector and pave the way for future jobs based on the adoption of creative ideas and modern technologies. industrial incentive for small and medium-sized enterprises, activating the growth of these enterprises, encouraging pioneering thinking in the industrial sector, as well as building a complete system at the service of entrepreneurs and those who wish to invest in industry and mining.

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