Saudi Minister of Industry: Attracting quality private investments is a strategic goal

Bandar bin Ibrahim Al-Khorayef, Saudi Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources and Chair of the National Program Committee for Industrial Development and Logistics, stressed the importance of industry and mining authorities close to the private sector and to investors in the sector in in order to achieve the true meaning of partnership with them, and to help attract qualitative investments for the benefit of the economy home, explaining that all parts of the system The industry is working today in great harmony and integration to serve this important strategic goal.

During his speech at the opening ceremony of the Daleel training program, which is overseen by the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program “NADELB”, he said: “The Daleel program will play a leading role in making a leap in quality. of communication with investors in the industrial sector by changing the thinking methodology of its employees and employees of the industrial system in the United and the completeness of providing information to partners in the private sector, emphasizing that the program will improve the quality of communication with investors by ensuring the availability of the latest information relating to the roles of agencies serving investors and knowledge of workers in the system, or partner government agencies, with the capabilities and incentives provided by such parties.

For his part, the managing director of the program, Ing. Sulaiman bin Khaled Al-Mazrou, expressed his thanks to the chairman of the program committee and the members of the committee for their willingness to provide all means of support to the program for enable him to achieve the ambitious goals of Vision 2030. He also expressed his confidence in Daleel’s success in having a significant impact on the mechanisms of negotiation with investors and on the ability of authorities to attract investments by conveying a true picture of the honorable reality of the investment in the environment in the four areas of the program and its objective.

The “Daleel” program aims to improve the quality of communication with the private sector, increase transparency by presenting the latest information to those involved in communication and support investors through a number of represented axes in knowing the aspirations of sectors for the 2030, the competitiveness values ​​of the Kingdom and the sector, the roles of public bodies and facilitators and the packages they provide. A quality support, in addition to knowing the steps and needs of the investor’s path, through the carrying out of workshops for a period of 4 days for a number of workers in the program entities and introducing them to the services provided by each entity.

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