Saudi “Zakat” invites taxpayers to prepare for the application of electronic invoicing in this date

Zakat, the tax and customs authority of Saudi Arabia has invited its taxpayers subject to the e-invoicing regulation, to accelerate the preparation necessary to prepare their facilities with the requirements of the first phase of e-invoicing “Invoice”, which has 90 days remaining and its implementation will start on 4 December 2021.

The authority explained, in a note, today, Sunday, that the requirements for compliance with the first phase of electronic invoicing are to completely stop using handwritten invoices or invoices written on computer through text editing programs or number analysis programs, as well as ensuring that there is a technical solution for electronic invoicing Compliant with electronic invoicing (invoice) requirements.

Compliance requirements also include ensuring the issuance and storage of electronic invoices with all elements, including the QR code for simplified tax invoices and the buyer’s tax code recorded in the value added tax for tax invoices. Also, be sure to include your billing address, depending on the source type.

“Zakat, Tax and Customs” stressed that taxpayers subject to electronic invoicing can view the non-binding indicative list of suppliers of technical solutions for electronic invoicing published on the institution’s website at the link (https: // bit. ly / 3zsReQM), in order to choose the technical solution appropriate to the volume of the plant and the type of sector, underlining that the list does not intend to limit itself to providing them with electronic invoicing solutions, but the taxpayer is considered legal when it meets the requirements for electronic invoicing using any technical solution.

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority has invited taxpayers subject to electronic invoicing, suppliers of electronic invoicing systems and interested parties, to communicate with it for any request relating to electronic invoicing (invoice).

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