Say It Ain’t So! Shocking List of Cancelled Netflix Originals in 2023

Netflix Says Goodbye to More Shows than Usual in 2023

Like every year, the Netflix catalog welcomes new series, but also says goodbye to multiple productions, canceled for various reasons (lack of means or ratings). It will therefore ultimately be impossible to discover their full story. We are only in May 2023, but already, many shows have left us. The latest cancellation from the streaming platform is called Man VS Bee. THE show comic worn by Rowan Atkinson (Mister Bean) unfortunately ended after one season. We don’t really know why. According The Sunthe showrunner would have no idea for the sequel.

In Man VS Bee, on followed Trevor, a father charged with looking after the family home. Except that a bee is a particular problem for him. A simple story, but which placed the British actor in a humorous context, like his old roles as Johnny English and Mister Bean. If the series was not unanimous, with a 69/100 on Metacriticshe was considered by son showrunner as a “harmless” project. What’s more, on Netflix, viewers did not give better opinions: 58% good ratings. We can think that the platform is based on these different scores regarding the future of its showsbut even those who reach the top 10 are never guaranteed to be renewed.

Even the Top 10 is Not Enough

In April, Sex/Life was canceled after two seasons. We followed the story of a young married woman, but far from happy. No season 3 for the series, which is interrupted mid-flight. “The episode was never meant to be the final of the series, that’s for sure,” said the showrunner of show, Stacy Rukeyser, at The Hollywood Reporter. Nevertheless, son score hadn’t been particularly bad and the production had even managed to reach the top 10. She had reached 126.8 millions viewing hours worldwide between March 2 and March 26, 2023, a slight drop from the first part.

It’s Also the End for These Netflix Series

You will have understood it, it will not be possible to discover the continuation of these series, unless some are taken up by other services or television channels. For example, Uncoupled is kept by ShowTimes for a season 2 while the show is canceled on Netflix. Unfortunately, on has more bad news, car they are not the only ones to leave us.

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