Scenarios await the “suspended” summit – Al-Madina

The Brazil-Argentina match, suspended yesterday, awaits more than one scenario to determine its fate or the fate of its outcome. FIFA and its committees interested in the crisis will have to provide adequate solutions to put an end to this dilemma, determining the winner, with a score of 3/0, and fining the perpetrators with a fine starting from 56,000 Brazilian riyals. Furthermore, according to press reports, if FIFA decides to repeat the match, it would face the problem of setting a new date for the match, because the postponements in 2020 and March 2021 due to the Corona pandemic, have led the reduction of qualifications. calendar. FIFA dates in September and October had to be extended from nine to 11 days to host three matches, rather than two as usual. Some have resorted to the force majeure interpretation if there was an understanding that he had even left the pitch and refused to play without the four players. But the force majeure interpretation requires the game to be repeated from the moment in which was interrupted and which will be the next day, which will not happen because there will be matches in the middle of the week. And there will be a fundamental question that will be discussed among the members of the FIFA Committee in charge of investigating the events of the match (composed of 19 members, one of which is Brazilian, who will not participate in the decision): it was the suspension of the match for cause force majeure or the fault of one of the two teams? But not only that, the observer of the match he will also provide a detailed account of what happened, from entering the stadium to Argentina’s decision not to complete the match.

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