Schick’s amazing goal against Scotland in the European Championship vies for the Puskas Prize – (Video)

The International Football Association Board (FIFA) has announced a roster of 11 players to compete for the Puskas Award for the best goal of quest’year. And compete for Patrick Sheek’s goal against Scotland in the European Championship for this prestigious award. Schech scored one of the most important goals in European Championship history leading the Czechs to a 2-0 victory over Scotland at the start of their European Championship last June. Schech, who opened the scoring with a superb header before half-time, added his second goal with a superb midfield shot after catching a glimpse of goalkeeper David Marshall’s own goal. The goal came from a distance of 49.7 meters to become the furthest goal in European Championship history, according to Opta statistics. This goal was later named the best of the tournament. Tottenham striker Son Heung-min won the Puskas Award in 2020 with his superb goal in lonely against Burnley in Premier League. Manchester City’s Caroline Weir will appear on the shortlist for the second time in a row thanks to her superb goal from the edge of thearea penalty in the women’s Premier League derby against Manchester United. The list also includes Eric Lamela and Riyad Mahrez from the Premier League. Lamela scored a “Rabona” ​​goal against Arsenal in the north London summit, while Mahrez was widely praised for his goal from an individual effort against Zimbabwe while playing for the Algerian national team. The winner will be announced on January 17th. (Reuters)

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