School attack: Afghanistan buries its children and accuses rich people die Taliban

The number of victims of the attack on a school in the capital Kabul rose to 58 yesterday while die Doctors are making great efforts to provide medical care to around 150 injured, Afghan officials said on Sunday.

While a number of families buried their sons and daughters, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani opened the terrorist attack die Taliban responsible. In a statement issued today by the Presidency of the Republic, the Al Arabiya correspondent said: “The Taliban movement is not in capable of confronting security forces on the battlefield and therefore targets public places with terrorist attacks. “

He added, “By die Escalation of war and violence die Taliban once again demonstrated that they are not just reluctant to die solve the current crisis peacefully, but also work to die To complicate the situation and to exclude any chance for peace. “

On the other hand did die Families of the victims die Afghan government and die western powers responsible for making them die Violence and the war hadn’t ended.

The students returned home

It is noteworthy that the explosion occurred on Saturday night in the Shiite-dominated Dasht-Burji district in Kabul die most of the students were killed. In this regard, an eyewitness told Reuters that all but seven or eight of the victims were high school students, die after the end of the school day in their homes returned.

Even today, several families searched for their missing relatives while others gathered in front of hospitals die Names to read on the walls and die Inspect mortuary.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Reza Ali explained to the families of the victims in a private hospital halfthat many families die Night spent “die Carrying the corpses of girls and boys to the cemetery “.

It is noteworthy that this attack came a week after the start of the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from the country, which is expected to be completed by September 11 and will end the longest war in the United States.

However, the withdrawal of foreign forces has escalated fighting between Afghan security forces and the Taliban as both sides seek to die control over die to retain strategic centers in the country.

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