Sci-Fi Romance Sanctuary Is Hitting Switch Later Than Other Systems

” Early 2021″

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  • by Damien McFerran

Haven © & copy; The Computer game Bakers

Indie studio The Game Bakers has just released a new story trailer for its futuristic title Sanctuary, and has really also exposed that the game will be referring to Modification (and PS4) behind other variations.

Sanctuary is locked in for release on December 3rd on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 owners will need to sustain a longer (and, as of now, unpredictable) wait, as the video game is noted for release on those platforms in “early 2021.”

Sanctuary focuses on the young couple Yu and Kay, and charts their escape to a mystical world where hostile forces threaten to tear them apart.

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