Scientist who helped discover warnings for Omicron variants of its potential: “This is probably the most mutated virus we’ve ever seen”

Durban, South Africa — COVID investigator suit up in protective gear before going to the high-security bio-hazard lab of the Africa Health Research Institute, where they grow live micron, die will be tested against the blood of fully immunized people, just as die who were previously infected.

“This is probably the most mutated virus we’ve ever seen,” says virologist Alex Sigal, who is leading the team of researchers die first identified the new variant.

The Omicron variant has more than 50 mutations — with over 30 in the spike protein — amplify the virus’ ability the infect body.

“To be more of a Frankenstein than others,” said Sigal. “It’s always something new. I mean, the virus keeps surprising us.”

Within 36 hours of discovering new variant, these scientists warned the world. Some countries, including the US, are now ban travel from several countries in South Africa in an effort to prevent the spread.

sigal’s team works together with find other scientists out if the variant is more transferable of the immunity evades. The lab has received multiple requests for monsters of micron, die will be packed and shipped off the other research institutes in the whole country.

Scientists will know in about 10 days of existing vaccines could stop Omicron, but Sigal is convinced that the current vaccines will still worry protection against serious illness and hospitalization.

But Sigal warned that as long as Africa lags behind behind in vaccinations, the virus will continue to mutate. Omicron is mainly contaminated young people in Africa and South African doctors say those infected have mild symptoms for the biggest part.

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