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Scott Disick does not care about Kourtney Kardashian reconnect with Younes Bendjima says a source


Kourtney Kardashian was previously linked to Younes Bendjima, however, rumors suggest that they broke up because of ongoing and endless legal dramas in which the boxer / model found himself. On December 5, Younes and Kourtney were seen hanging out in Miami. a source who spoke with the point of sale.

The source said Scott, 36, like the public, is not entirely sure what is going on between the 26-year-old and Kourtney Kardashian. Kourtney and Younes surprised the fans when they were both spotted at Miami Beach’s LIV club during Art Basel.

As most know, Younes and Kourtney separated in August 2018, but with this new information, Scott supposedly wondering what was going on between them. The insider who spoke with Hollywood Life said that Kourtney is deprived of his romantic life, so Scott does not know the details either.

Anyway, Scott, the source added, thinks Younes is a “standing guy”. Mr. Disick would not care much about his romantic life, as long as the person with whom she is kind to their children together, including Reign, Penelope and Mason.

The source also talked about their relationship of co-parenting, which would have worked very well between them. In fact, they have delineated boundaries so well that they rarely enter into combat or confrontation.

All their interactions revolve around their children. In addition, Scott and Kourtney have broken since 2015, so Scott has long since gone from being the star of reality. He is currently dating the very young Sofia Richie. Scott is 36 years old and Sofia is 21 years old.

That said, the same source said that Kourtney and Younes were just friends and that there was nothing at all between them. In addition, an insider who saw them at a party with Bella and Kendall said they looked a lot like a couple claiming TMZ.


Just one day before they meet, Younes was spotted on Miami Beach, although Kourtney was nowhere to be found.

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