Scott Miller: Saving Animals in Ukraine Amid War and Suffering

Scott Miller, a 48-year-old medic from Surrey, England, has left his wife and four children to embark on a dangerous mission to rescue animals in Ukraine. Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, Scott explained his motivation to help the thousands of former pets roaming the streets, as well as zoo bears and lions. Scott will be travelling with the charity Breaking the Chains to work with local vets in Kherson in the south and Bakhmut in the east.

Scott’s wife Zoe, 44, and their children, aged four to thirteen, understand his mission, and are supportive of his decision to help the animals in need. Scott expressed his understanding of the risks involved in crossing the border, but his commitment to helping animals in need is unwavering. He believes that animals are sentient beings with emotions, but don’t have a voice, and his goal is to give them one and remind people that it is not only humans who are suffering.