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Scott Mills’ Disappearance in Amsterdam Leaves Co-Star Worried

DJ Joel Ross recently discussed his hedonistic days at Radio 1 in 2007, when he and fellow presenter Scott Mills went on a trip to Amsterdam. After a night of drinking, Joel booked flights online and the pair arrived in Amsterdam in the early hours of the morning. After checking into their hotel, Scott suddenly disappeared without his phone for three days. Joel searched for him, but to no avail. Finally, after three days, Joel received a call from a random British number – it was Scott, who had had a panic attack and returned to Bristol. Joel is now the host of Rock FM’s Breakfast show, while Scott left Radio 1 after 24 years in September last year.

Scott’s sudden departure from Radio 1 led to some backlash, but he has since spoken out about his anxiety and panic attacks, and called for greater awareness of mental health issues. Joel’s story is a reminder of the importance of understanding and supporting those struggling with mental health issues, and the far-reaching effects that such struggles can have. It also highlights the importance of looking after one another, even in seemingly carefree situations. Scott’s disappearance serves as a reminder that everyone is vulnerable to mental health issues, regardless of their public persona. It is essential that we all take the time to check in with our friends and loved ones, and offer our support and understanding when needed.


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