Seahawks vs. Vikings live score, updates, highlights from ‘Monday Night Football’

What is the Seahawks vs. Channel Vikings today? Schedule, game time for Monday Night Football

December is upon us, which means that the image of the NFL playoffs is getting tighter, making it extremely important to match “night football” between the Vikings (8-3) and the Seahawks (9-2).

Take today’s Seattle playoffs, for example: The Seahawks enter the NFC playoffs on Thursday, which would mean a wild-card road game against the Cowboys. The Vikings’ victory, however, will lift Seattle to its No. 2 seed with a first round and guaranteed home game in the triathlon.

The Vikings, meanwhile, can keep pace with the Packers for the NFC North’s winning streak with a win and an inch closer to a potential meeting with Green Bay in Week 16.

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Needless to say, a single game can significantly affect a team’s prospects for the rest of the season, and Monday’s fight in Seattle is no exception.

There is evidence to be many points on the board as the Seahawks and Vikings rank sixth and seventh, respectively, in points per game this season. Both fighters have made it clear recently: Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins ​​have combined for 34 passing touchdowns and only four interceptions since October. The strongest defense could be the decider.

Sporting News watches live score updates and highlights Vikings vs. Seahawks. Follow below.

Vikings vs. Seahawks live score



Vikings vs. Seahawks updates, highlights

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