Search 500 police officers die Hong Kong Newspaper and arrest 5 officers

Hong Kong police on Thursday raided the second in less than a year in the editorial hall of the newspaper, die was attacked by the authorities, five officials from the anti-Chinese newspaper “Apple Daily”, including its publisher, were arrested.

These arrests on behalf of strict national security laws are the final blow to newspaper mogul Jimmy Lai, who is currently jailed for participating in a few pro-democracy demonstrations in 2019.

More than 500 police officers took it in take part in the raid in the early hours of Thursday morning, die according to the police with articles in was connected to the newspaper, die Called for “sanctions” on Hong Kong and Chinese leaders.

Search 500 police officers die Hong Kong Newspaper and arrest 5 officers

About the police raid in the headquarters of the newspaper

The five officers were arrested on suspicion of “collusion with a foreign country or with external elements with the aim of endangering national security”, said die police in a message with.

“They’re all in charge of the Apple Daily, so they know die daily activities of the organization very well, “said police chief Steve Lee.

The police also announced that Apple Daily had their assets under the strict national security law passed by Beijing in 2020 in The amount of 18 million Hong Kong dollars had been frozen.

Police arrested from the newspaper headquarters

Police arrested from the newspaper headquarters

“The total assets of three companies, Apple Daily Limited, Apple Daily Printing Limited and Apple Daily Intelligence Limited, total $ 18 million,” Steve Lee told reporters.

It is the first time that assets from a Hong Kong media group have been seized.

The newspaper broadcast live recordings of the raid on its Facebook account, during which police officers erected a security barrier around the building, then entered it, searched the editorial room and die The journalists’ computers were searched.

Police arrest newspaper officers

Police arrest newspaper officers

A police source told AFP that die five arrested are all executives of Next Digital, the media group that owns Apple Daily.

Jimmy Lai is currently serving several sentences for participating in the pro-democracy protests, die Hong Kong two years ago.

The 73-year-old Lai has seen Beijing several times die Support his newspapers for die pro-democracy protest movement angry. The Hong Kong authorities announced in mid-May that he was freezing his assets for violating the city’s national security law.

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