Search forward to hit the floor: Chavan after releasing too play

The 35-year-old was given the green light to continue cricket from the BCCI on Tuesday. “The ban is complete over how of September 2020. I’m open for whatever (comes) mine way. i’m really looking forward to get on the floor as soon how possible“, Chavan told PTI on Tuesday night late hours after this development.

“Unfortunately, because of die Pandemic (COVID-19) and die Rains, the site would probably be closed, but at every opportunity die I have back I’ll be really busy on the ground for that, ”he said.

Chavan, who India never represented, was initially suspended for Life for his commitment in IPL spot fixing scandal in 2013 together with S-Sresanth.

Latest year, BCCI Ombudsman Justice (Rtd) DK Jain reduced the quantum of sentence for both Sreesanth and Chavan for seven years after being banned from life by the BCCI.

In an email to Chavan, BCCI’s interim CEO Hemang Amin wrote, “As instructed of the Hon’ble Bombay High Court, your representative for modification of die BCCI regulation, die imposed a lifelong ban on you were placed in front of the Ld. ombudsman of BCCI.

“The State Ombudsman restricted the ban on You from lifelong suspension to 7 years, with effect of September 13, 2013. In view of die Order of May 3, 2021, the imposed ban on you have also completed on September 13, 2020 “, it said in Amin’s mail.

While die Copy of the order regarding Sreesanth had arrived before the end of the runabout ban in On September 1st, 2020, Chavan had to wait until May 3rd to receive his order. Earlier in That month Chavan had die Mumbai Cricket Association urged to attend die BCCI to write to give give him the letter of approval.

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