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Secrets from Musk’s last Twitter meeting.. Congressmen call for an investigation

The World Cup usually brings a surge in Twitter activity, and it’s expected to happen again when the tournament takes over. via this weekend. But with the recent exodus of thousands of employees from the company and internal turmoil continuing, there are growing questions about the site’s resilience.

Hours before Elon Musk’s Thursday deadline for Twitter employees to decide whether to stay or quit, the company social media appeared to be in chaos, according to the American New York Times.

Musk and his advisers have held meetings with some of the Twitter workers they deemed crucial to preventing them from leaving, four people familiar with the conversations said. Musk sent confusing messages about the company’s remote work policy and appeared to backtrack on not letting people work from home before notifying their parents. manageraccording to those people and internal emails seen by the Post.

Two people said the resignations continue all the time. And by the deadline, 5pm. ET Hundreds of Twitter employees appear to have opted out with the option of 3 months severance pay, the insider said.

The resignations have added to the turmoil on Twitter since Musk completed the $44 billion takeover last month.

The billionaire fired half of Twitter’s 7,500 employees, fired dissenters and told employees they had to be a “hard core” to make the company a success.

On Wednesday, Musk gave the remaining Twitter employees less than 36 hours to leave or commit to building Twitter. He stated that those who leave will receive a bonus 3-month severance pay, which he believes will make the company more competitive and also provide an opportunity to cut costs and cleanse the company of disgruntled workers.

And lay off so many employees in Such a stressful time has raised questions about how Twitter can continue to function in effective way.

5 people claimed that Musk brought in some engineers and manager of its other companies, such as the manufacturer of auto electric cars, and many of them are just starting to accelerate understanding of how the service works social media.

He claims to be investigating Musk’s policies

And Twitter isn’t just facing internal challenges, it’s related to Musk’s ownership and policies. On Thursday, 7 Democratic US senators called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether the company has violated a consumer privacy agreement with the agency since Musk joined in load.

The letter followed the resignation of Twitter’s security executives last week after it appeared Musk had changed some of the company’s data security practices.

Thursday afternoon, Musk sent an email in which he appeared to be retracting his stance on working from home. “As far as remote working goes, all that needs to be approved is that your manager take responsibility for ensuring you make an excellent contribution,” he said.

The email came hours after a former Twitter employee filed a lawsuit against the company, accusing Musk’s new policy of discriminating against workers with disabilities.

Three people reported that the team Musk has also held meetings with wavering employees who play a key role in Twitter’s operations to try to convince them to stay. Musk said in his presentation that he knows how to win and that anyone who wants to win should join him, said a person familiar with the bout.

In one of these meetings, some employees were summoned in a conference room in the San Francisco office, while others attended in video conference. Some of those who called began hanging up on them and apparently decided to leave, even as Musk continued to speak, said two people familiar with the meeting.

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