Security Council: Houthi attack on Dhaba threatens international shipping

The UN Security Council condemned in a statement Wednesday evening of the Houthi attack on the Yemeni port of Dabba using drones on 21 October.

In the statement published by the Irish mission to the United Nations on its Twitter account, the council said that the Houthi attack on the port of Dabba “is a serious threat to the process of pace and stability in Yemen “.

The Council called on the Houthis to stop such attacks immediately and to work to renew the armistice in Yemen.

The council added that the Houthi attack threatens the security and freedom of navigation guaranteed by international law.

He said any security escalation “would aggravate the suffering of the Yemenis”, underlining the need for the Houthis to stop such attacks.

This is when the Yemeni cabinet, in A meeting held Wednesday in the interim capital, Aden, called on Yemen’s counter-terrorism partners, countries of the world and the international community to classify the Houthi militia as a terrorist organization, ban contacts with it and drain its sources of financing.

The cabinet also listened to reports on the repercussions of the Houthi terrorist attack on the oil ports of Dabba in Hadramout and the oil port of Radhum in Shabwa, and the continuing threats from the Houthi terrorist militia and options to address them to protect the interests of the people. Yemeni, global energy supplies and international shipping.

The Yemeni cabinet has approved a series of decisions and measures aimed at deterring terrorist threats from the Houthis, and what this requires to increase readiness and readiness for all possibilities, in coordination with coalition countries to support the legitimacy led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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