Security Council: We condemn Erdogan’s unilateral action against Cyprus

The UN Security Council passed a unanimous statement on Friday, in who called for a settlement of the Cyprus conflict “on the basis of a bi-communal and bi-regional federal system with political equality” and die “Unilateral actions” by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. be condemned, said diplomats.

The council members condemned “die Announcement by the Turkish and Cypriot leaders in Cyprus of July 20, 2021 regarding the reopening of part of the closed Varosha area and the Security Council expressed its deep regret over these unilateral measures, die contradict his previous decisions ”. and explanations “how it in the approved text states that a copy of it has been received from AFP, die should be officially adopted later in the day.

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, spoke earlier on Friday die Condemned and condemned statements made by the Turkish President on the Varosha region in Cyprus die Tensions increased. He said Erdogan’s proposal for a two-state solution on the island was not up for discussion.

Erdogan said during a speech in North Nicosia last Tuesday, on which the Turkish army invaded in her northern third of the island, which was divided in 1974, was “unable to make progress in Achieve negotiations without die To recognize the existence of two peoples and two states “.

During a visit to Turkey-controlled Northern Cyprus, he emphasized that in Varosha, whose inhabitants fled in 1974 and were besieged by the Turkish army with barbed wire, “life is being resumed”.

Washington rejects Erdogan’s proposal

He also renewed his appeal die Greek Cypriot owners to seek compensation for the loss of their property through a Turkish Cypriot committee.

And die Third State Department official Victoria Nuland confirmed last Wednesday that die USA reject Erdogan’s proposal to found two states in Cyprus.

It is noteworthy that Cyprus has been since the invasion of the Turkish army in its northern third is divided in 1974. The Republic of Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004, the profits of which are limited to the southern part of the island, where Greek Cypriots live and are supported by an authority die as the only one recognized by the United Nations. In the north, only Ankara recognizes die “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”.

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