See the first moments of the bloody bombing of Istanbul, which left people dead and injured

The videos in traffic showed the first moments of the bloody explosion in Istanbul, which resulted in many deaths and injuries, according to the correspondent of Al-Arabiya and the media Turkish locals.

Today, Sunday, the big explosion occurred on the famous Istiklal Caddesi, which branches off from Taksim Square in the center of the Turkish city of Istanbul.

The explosion occurred shortly after 4pm local time, in one moment in where the crowd of pedestrians was dense on Istiklal Caddesi.

The Istanbul governor confirmed on Twitter that the blast resulted in several deaths and injuries. According to the media Turks, the explosion caused at least 17 injuries.

Filming showed ambulances, firefighters and police on the spot.

Turkish police evacuated Istanbul’s Taksim neighborhood in prediction of another explosion. Users of the social media they claimed that the shops were closed and the street was closed. THE media Turks also reported an intense security deployment in thearea by Taksim.

For its part, the Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation into the explosion, suggesting that it was a terrorist operation.

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