SEGA Announces Company of Heroes Collection for Nintendo Switch: Release Date and Gameplay Footage Revealed

Bringing Company of Heroes to Nintendo Switch

A Strategic Collaboration

EGA and Relic Entertainment have formed a partnership to introduce the legendary strategy game, Company of Heroes, to the Nintendo Switch. Feral Interactive is developing this highly anticipated portable version, with a focus on optimizing the gameplay experience for the Switch’s distinctive capabilities.

An Expansive Collection

The upcoming release of the Company of Heroes Collection for Nintendo Switch is more than just the base game, as it includes both the Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor expansions. This means that players can look forward to a comprehensive and immersive gaming experience right from the outset. Fans of the series will be pleased to know that the collection is scheduled to be released in the autumn.

Stay Tuned for the Exact Release Date

SEGA has stated that they will disclose the precise launch date for the Company of Heroes Collection on Nintendo Switch in the upcoming weeks. Fans who are eager to know the release date are advised to stay updated. In the meantime, players can enjoy a sneak peek of the game by watching its first gameplay footage.

Tailor-Made for Nintendo Switch

The highlight of this latest version is the customized control scheme and unique user interface specifically optimized for the Nintendo Switch. This guarantees a smooth and gratifying gaming encounter, allowing players to effortlessly access all the game’s features on the console.

Customizable Skirmish Mode

One of the noteworthy enhancements in the Company of Heroes Collection for Nintendo Switch is the introduction of a tailor-made skirmish mode. This feature empowers players to design their own distinctive battles, furnishing a testing ground for strategic experimentation. With a wide range of factions, game modes, and missions, this mode provides extensive replayability and motivates players to push their strategic abilities to the edge.

Embracing the Switch’s Capabilities

SEGA has made it clear that the game has been fully optimized to utilize all of the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch. The user interface and controls have been specifically tailored to the handheld console, ensuring that players have complete control over the battlefield. The game features 41 squad-based missions that provide intense tactical combat. The battles are influenced by moment-to-moment encounters, which adds an exciting and unpredictable element to the gameplay.

Single-Player and Beyond

SEGA has announced that the initial version of their upcoming game will only offer single-player mode. However, the company has plans to introduce multiplayer functionality through a post-release update. This move aims to provide players with the opportunity to compete against one another, which is expected to enhance the game’s replayability and longevity.

Expanding the Reach

The Company of Heroes franchise, which was originally exclusive to PC, has now been made accessible to Nintendo Switch users. The game has also been released on iOS and Android, indicating the platform’s increasing significance for varied gaming experiences. The move to expand to these different platforms reflects the growing popularity and demand for the game among a wider audience.

Company of Heroes 3

The latest installment of the Company of Heroes series, Company of Heroes 3, is now available on multiple platforms, including PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Fans of the franchise can expect the same high level of strategic gameplay and immersive experience that has garnered a loyal following in the past.

The Company of Heroes Collection will be launched on Nintendo Switch, providing strategy and military game devotees with the chance to enjoy this renowned game anytime and anywhere. The game offers an immersive and captivating experience, featuring tactical combat, troop command, and mission conquest. Its addictiveness and engaging nature will undoubtedly keep players engrossed and returning for more.

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